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Terrible WeatherDr Who - first episode of Season 11 / Jodie WhittakerLego - X-Wing build progressing well Assassins Creed: Odyssey

About 15 hours in and loving it.
Video games 
Noah: Lego: Star Wars/Lego: Lord of the RingsLeo: MinecraftDad: Assassin's Creed: OdysseyMum: Stardew Valley

Bad behaviour - Not getting enough outside time. A couple of hours in the Hillsborough Soft Play centre.
- Leo spent the weekend pooping his pants, maybe on purpose.

Goodbye expensive metal and plastic things.

Over the weekend, both Clara and I cleared our loft space, ready for the oncoming roof replacement. Among the countless empty boxes, camping equipment, dusty gaming books was a huge horde of old PCs and related parts. It had always been my intention to go through the stuff, identify the good stuff so I could sell it or give it away. It didn't happen. Instead, everything was dumped at the local tip. It's a terrible shame but I'm not going to let it nip me, I'd had years to sort it all out, but it was never worth my time. 
Red 5 Going in (to the second bag) Noah's main birthday present came out, on Saturday morning. Lego X-wing!

"All the pieces matter" - Lester Freamon (The Wire)

"Stay on target" - Gold Five, Davis Krail (Star Wars: A New Hope)

Roof Replacement On Monday we found out that the work is delayed until next Monday. It's not a big problem for us, although we are eager to get the work done.

Dream fragment
I only remember the last minutes. I owed a rickety 19th-century theme park. I remember opening it for the first time and being shocked by the massive number of people pouring through the gates. I then woke up, it was 4.03am. That was an hour and a half before Clara's getting up time. I didn't get much quality sleep in between. In case you didn't know, 4am till 6am are golden sleep hours.

About last night's Dream

Weird apocalyptic dream. I was at work, although work was an old building with high ceilings, like a church. During routine discussions, we experienced a moderate earthquake that caused minor damage. In the excitement, after the event, we discover that a small black hole, about the size of a speck of dust, had hit the Earth, and was now swimming around the planet's centre-of-mass, causing horrifying instabilities. The moon was getting pulled in slightly closer, causing the tides to rise considerably. This nightmare end-of-world situation was apparently going to right itself when said black hole evaporates in a few days. We were left with a sense of dread, but with the feeling that if we just maintained a stiff upper lip, and kept on high ground, we'd make it out of the other side.

Very strange!

Blog meet duster

This (blogging) used to be so important. It was routine. Here I am, months late, putting some words down.

My bronchitis slowly abates. I'm still coughing, and up until this morning, I felt utterly drained. I felt old. I've been going to bed before 11, sometimes as early as 9pm. Clara too, she went through the same horrible chest cold, feverish with a coughing fits that would jiggle your optic nerve and leave you with brain-shake headaches. I'm so glad to have turned the corner, to feel like I'm finally getting right, again.

Noah is pretty hard to distinguish from 6-year-old me, except for his capacity to blank his parents, usually when said parents are shouting at him to get dressed or get his shoes on or to get upstairs to bed. He's insatiably curious but also a world-class dreamer.

Leo is stubborn. His potty training appears to be going in reverse as if he's decided that nappies are his destiny. Leo is train/fire-engine obsessed. We can't belie…