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Sky drama

  We experienced a temperature delta of greater than 20 degrees over the last few days. Here is the angry sky during the current temperature valley. Those vertical plumes above the distant hill are sleet/hale showers falling from the  cumulonimbus monster.
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Still Alive

  I can't believe that I've not posted to this blog in two years. Especially after such a busy and interesting 2020....right, I guess that the overall turd-shape of last year is a contributing factor. 2020 was for the most part, how I imagine life to be like if you avoid a prison sentence and are allowed to serve time under "home detention".  This year isn't shaping up to be all that better, although there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We all went on a summer holiday...

A week in the south of France, about 45 minutes from Carcassonne, in Languedoc. We stayed in a rental house in the village of Alet-les-Bains .

The joy of tents

The boys get their first taste of camping in a tent. We stayed at Green Acres near Edale. We had a fantastic time, although I had to tell the boys to stop being noisy about 11 hundred times.

Q1 Results

Things are pretty good. It must be said. Yes, there's Trump, Brexit, the seemingly inevitable pendulum swing of the far-right, not to mention the obvious climate catastrophe. But, if you accept that the world has always been in a mess and there will always be great challenges to face, then things are pretty good. Gaming Loving The Division 2, getting to know Washington is fun, although it doesn't have quite the personality of Midtown Manhatten - The Division (1) always felt like you were "home" because New York has been such a familiar part of any TV/Movie viewer's existence. By Contrast, Washington, even while fighting in very iconic locations, feels a little artificial, being a singular design from Peter Charles L' Enfant. Boys growing Hard to believe that Leo will be starting school in a few months.

Letter from the edge of Christmas

Okay, calling this blog entry a "letter" is maybe a stretch, but this definitely feels like the edge of Christmas, given that tomorrow I have my office Christmas party and Clara has hers on Friday. For the first time ever, I started my Christmas shopping in November, although that didn't stop me from waiting until the day before the work party to by my secret Santa gift. The promise of a return Tabletop Role Playing Games! Stranger Swedish Things  I bought a game big game book, based on a long-time love of the work of artist Simon Stalenhag, who inspired many with his paintings of the rural Sweden of his childhood, chock full of giant robots and rusting futuristic metal hulks. Tales from the Loop is an old-school table-top role-playing game, in which you play young teens who solve mysteries in an alternate history 1980s where certain technologies blossomed, giving the world fusion, giant robots and mysterious particle accelerators which appears to be caus

Painty sketch

I felt the urge to start designing a 2300AD starship. It's one of the first times I did a quick sketch on my IPAD, and I absolutely love it. What will I do with all my pens? Oh, who am I kidding, I'm still going to eat trees, but I will probably do most sketching on screen. I think the only downside is the weird feeling of drawing on glass, which seems a bit slippy-slidy. USS WADE RACINE